Tuesday, April 12, 2011

There was a rather cold wind blowing during my walk this morning, so it was only in the more sheltered areas could you feel the warmth of the sunshine. The birds were somewhat quieter too, presumably because of the wind. It was also a pleasure to 'bump into' fellow blogger Redgannet, author of the excellent http://www.redgannet.blogspot.com/, who joined me for the second half of my walk around Mote Park.


Highlight of the visit was a Swallow which flew across the Pitch & Putt golf course towards the Lake - the first of the year. Blackcaps were plentiful once again, with 7 birds being heard singing, 6 Chiffchaffs were singing, and 2 Whitethroats were also singing - 1 in the scrub/rough grassland area south of the Inlet, and the second bird was in the rough grassland south of the River Len.

4 Nuthatches were noted, a Stock Dove flew up and displayed above the North Wood behind the Old Pond, a Jay was spotted in the Cherry trees along Laurel Walk, 5 Green Woodpeckers were heard, 2 Treecreepers were heard calling in trees along the River Len, 4 Goldcrests were noted in the Yew wood (old gardens) and on the top of Jenner's Bank, a pair of Bullfinch were seen feeding on the buds of a Wild Cherry in the Yew wood, and 3 Linnets were heard and seen flying east over the large area of rough grassland.

Great Crested Grebe

3 pairs of Great Crested Grebe are on the Lake now, with 2 pairs continuing to court and display to each other whilst 1 pair are sitting on a nest. 11 Mute Swans were also on the Lake, and the gull flock consisted of at least 6 Common Gulls and around 80 Black-headed Gulls, and a Lesser Black-backed Gull could be seen flying around the Lake over the waters surface. A single Cormorant was observed flying west and 2 Herring Gulls passed north abover the larches on the Park's eastern boundary.

Female Mallard

A Red-eared Slider Terrapin showed itself briefly, and 5 Orange-tips, 1 Peacock, and 2 Small Tortoiseshells were seen, with the latter warming themselves in the sunshine on the top edge of the large rough grassland area (Old Cattle Area).

Small Tortoiseshell


Warren Baker said...

Always a good warm feeling to get your first patch swallow of the year Simon, even in a cold wind :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Simon, another good varied visit and a nice Chiifchaff photo.

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