Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wednesday 29th September

15 people turned up for the last bat walk of 2010. Unfortunately a light drizzle at the start of the walk steadily turned into heavy rain as the walk went on. We did see a few bats despite the rain, with Common Pipistrelles being detected under a few of the parkland trees, a Soprano Pipistrelle was found under the Little Owl Oak tree, a Noctule was detected briefly west of Mote House, and a few Daubenton's braved the rain to feed over the open water of the Lake.

A Tawny Owl called from the Len Valley, and a Little Owl called from the direction of the overflow car park/fairground area at the beginning of the walk.

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Greenie said...

Simon ,
Not a bad result at all given the conditions .
Well done to you and the other 15 stalwarts .

Next Event - TBA