Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th September

A quick walk on Monday morning found lots of bird activity in the Park. Several mixed tit flocks were seen, and many of the hedgerows and bramble patches contained small birds busily feeding. Birds of particular note during the walk were lots of Chiff Chaff, a few Blackcaps were found, an incredible 14 Goldcrest were recorded, 3 Treecreeper were heard, and 3 Nuthatch were calling. The most interesting record though were the first Redwings of the autumn, found sitting at the top of the Giant Redwood standing on the north side of Mote House.

This (Tuesday) evening it was fantastic to listen to 2 male and 1 female Tawny Owls in the area behind Mote House and the Old Gardens, with a male glimpsed as it flew between canopies. Let us hope they are behaving well tomorrow night for my guided walk!! A Little Owl was also faintly heard calling from the far side of the Park. A Common Pipistrelle bat was seen catching insects as well.


Greenie said...

Simon ,
Well done with the Owls and the Redwings .
Found a dead Tawny Owl today at the bottom of Westerham Hill , hit by a car by the look of it .
Good luck with the Bat walk , hope you don't get too wet .

Warren Baker said...

Yea, good luck with the walk Simon.

Well done with the Rewings too!

Next Event - TBA