Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday 2nd February

Now that the mornings are lightening up earlier, there is enough time for me to do a quick version of usual walk around the park before I have to shoot off to Uni. Today, however, my visit was spent almost entirely around the old pond area, located opposite the Waterfall. This is because of the park's new 'star' attraction, a stunning little JACK SNIPE - a first for me in the park. Unfortunately the light wasn't particularly good for photography.


This smaller, and in my opinion more handsome, relative of the Common Snipe seems undeterred from the dogs and general public moving along the road a mere 3-4 metres away! If it is not feeding out in the open then it can be found standing against the reeds at the back of the pond.

This morning 'Jack' gave excellent views whilst feeding, characteristically bobbing up and down almost continuously. The bold reed coloured markings on its back and head really stood out when the sky brightened up a little, almost appearing to glow!

Also seen was a female Grey Wagtail, 2 Water Rails - with one bird appearing to not like the new face feeding in the pond, and a few times was seen approaching and flushing the snipe out into the open - and a Little Egret was around the stream area. Non-pond birds noted were Goldcrests, 1 Nuthatch, 2 Treecreeper, and 1 drumming Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Little Egret


Warren Baker said...

Nice one Simon, not a patch first for you then ?

I keep scanning the wet places for Jacks, no luck yet. :-(

Steve said...

well done Simon...did you find it yourself? Great pics.

Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Great stuff Simon! Lovely pics too.
Heres the link to KentBirder email group that you wanted: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/kentbirders/


Adam said...

Those braces don't half stand out in the dank light. Superb bird, and glad I managed to catch up with it - thanks again for all the emails!


Tony Morris said...

Great one Simon, I must admit I don't think they "bob", they definitely "Bounce"

Greenie said...

Simon ,
Just one word ,
Brilliant .

Next Event - TBA