Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday 26th June

A late morning visit today during 10.15am and 11.45am, under a rather grey sky and with quite a strong west wind to contest with. Fortunately, the sun did peep out of its grey curtain a few times, which did manage to encourage some insect activity.

During the visit a minimum of 7 Blackcaps, 4 Chiff Chaffs, 5 Reed Warblers, and 6 Whitethroats were singing.

Of note during the walk was a lone adult Green Woodpecker which fed on the short grass by Mote House, 2 Pheasants called from the Meadow, 2 Nuthatch called, a Great Spotted Woodpecker clung to the tree on the island next to the Weir, a total of 5 Grey Wagtails were seen around the edges of the Lake, 3 Kestrels were seen – 1 perched in one of the Meadow Oaks, whilst 2 young birds flew around over Jenner’s Bank – 1 Cormorant flew north, and 20+ House Martins flew around me whilst I looked for butterflies in the Meadow.

Creeping Thistle (Field Thistle)
Cirsium Arvense

Whilst stood at the footbridge, a minimum of 7 Banded Demoiselles were watched flying around, chasing each other. In the Meadow, unfortunately, the full force of the westerly wind could be felt, making life difficult for the butterflies that live there. The butterflies that were noted were, 2 Red Admirals, several Meadow Browns and Small Skippers, 1 Small White, 1 Clouded Yellow – a first for me in the Park - and 2 Silver Spotted Skippers – a first for the year.

Shortly before coming across the pair of young Kestrels along the top of Jenner’s Bank, there was a strong smell of fox by one of the hazel bushes – the fact that it smelt stronger than usual meant that it was fresh, and the fact it was the hazel that smelt not the grass signalled that it was a dog fox. After watching the young Kestrels, I turned down one of the tracks leading onto Laurel Walk, and was confronted by the rear of a young dog Fox! Before I could grasp my camera, he peered over his shoulder and in a split-second was gone. I didn’t expect the scent mark to be that fresh! Viewing a fox so late in the morning, at 11.40, was a first for me.


Rodrigo said...

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Steve said...

Great to hear about the Clouded Yellow! One I am always looking out for at New Hythe but never seen.

Steve said...

I have just re-read your post and noticed you had Silver Spotted Skipper.....I never knew they were in Mote Park - have they been introduced? Only places I know for them are Burham Down and Lyden Down....be very interested to know where they are in the park.Steve

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