Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday 28th June

Another late morning visit today, between 10am and 12.20am. The Park was smothered in glorious sunshine so my main purpose of going over there was to look for the butterflies. There was a south-west wind blowing, but because of the Sun, I remained hopeful.

I decided not to do my usual route and headed straight for the Meadows and rough grassland. I also checked out the woodland edges and Jenner’s Bank as these are also good places to catch up with our fluttering friends. The butterflies that decided to show themselves were, 42 Small Skippers, 26 Meadow Browns, 3 Red Admirals, 15 Small Whites, 1 Ringlet – a first for the year – and 1 Speckled Wood. Also seen were 2 Common Blue Damselflies, a Six Spot Burnet, 5 Banded Demoiselles, and a Brown Hawker.

Small Skipper

The birds of note during the walk was a lone Stock Dove, 2 Pheasants called from the Meadow, 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers were seen, 2 Bullfinches called, 4 Jays were seen, 6 Linnets were in the Meadow, 1 Goldcrest and a Coal Tit sang along Laurel Walk, 4 Green Woodpeckers were heard, a Reed Bunting sang in the Marsh, and at least 11 Swifts and 18 House Martins flew over the Park. Also during the visit a minimum of 2 Blackcaps, 4 Chiff Chaffs, 4 Reed Warblers, and 7 Whitethroats were heard singing.

Musk Thistle
Cirsium Nutans


aka_Meritt said...

Beautiful Photography. :)

Steve said...

Hi Simon, can you email me your personal email address to Mike Easterbrook who is the Kent Butterfly recorded is interested in your records - particularly the Silver Spotted Skipper. i said I would pass your email onto him if that's OK.

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