Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This morning I was giving Rolf Williams and David James a short tour of parts of Mote Park with the view of potentially setting up regular Dates With Nature RSPB events. It was great to see that the 'duck-feeding area' has been opened up so that now the public and get close to the lake to feed the wildfowl (and gulls.....and rats!!).

Whilst we stood by the Boat House on the edge of the Lake, Mediterranean Gulls could be heard from the playing fields, a super little Grey Wagtail flew in and landed on the edge of the Lake right in front of us, and a Kingfisher was heard calling but could not be located. We started to make our way back to our vehicle when what should appear above the park's cafe...a RED KITE!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!! Unbelievable!!! I'd only just been watching them on the outskirts of Oxford last Friday, on the way to the Forest of Dean, so the coincedence of seeing one in Mote Park on a pre-arranged visit is quite something!! If you haven't guessed already, Red Kite is a first for me in Mote Park!


Greenie said...

Simon ,
Truly a bird to get excited about .
Well done .

Phil said...

Nice one Simon, a great bird to see anywhere, especially on your own patch.

Warren Baker said...

Nice find Simon, I wonder if it was the same bird I saw last Sunday!

Mike H said...

Great find Simon,

Today must be the only day recently when I did not go out. Decorating the front room, if i had just gone into the garden I would probably have seen it pass over. Well done to you.

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