Sunday, February 12, 2012

Heard from a friend today that there were at least 2 male and 4 female Goosanders on the Turkey Mill lake next to Mote Park.....the wanderers decide to return the day I'm back away!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Simon

Visited the park from 16.00 - 16.45 this afternoon (Wednesday). No Goosander or Smew but great views of water rail and Little Egret in the marsh. Also saw/heard 4 Green Woodpecker and saw 3 Great Spotted Woodpecker


Bill S

Anonymous said...


Brief look at the marsh at about 7.45 this morning. 2 water rail, 1 grey wagtail, 3 robin + 2 nuthatch, 2 jay, 2 mistle thrush and 2 drumming GSW in the vicinity + numerous blue tit, great tit, dunnovck and blackbird.



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