Saturday, January 01, 2011

Saturday 1st January 2011

Well, the start of a new year, and I wonder what this one will bring?!!

For the past few years I have been invited out by friends on New Years Day to travel around the county trying to see as many different species of bird as possible. Today we started in Hollingbourne, then on to Oare, down to Walland Marsh, and then to the Dungeness peninsula. With 91 species on our list we needed another 9 to reach the respectable number 100. After a short discussion I mentioned the potential of what Mote Park could off we drove!

We reached Mote Park at about 2pm and we headed straight for the 'Old Pond'. Despite lots of dog-walkers and several families passing by, we quickly spotted the GREEN SANDPIPER feeding in the exposed mud. I decided to look at the spot where the JACK SNIPE was hiding yesterday, and thankfully he was sitting in exactly the same spot. I then had the rather difficult job of trying to point out this small bird, apparently made out of reeds, amongst the same coloured reed stems.

After each of us had seen 'Jack' we then headed towards the Lake as we still, despite visiting Oare and Dunge, needed Canada Goose for the days list. After locating a pair of this species we soon recorded Long-tailed Tit and Nuthatch in the Oaks in front of Mote House. We then walked the River Len where we found a small flock of Siskin, a Jay, and a Grey Wagtail. Up towards Mote House we hoped to find some of the conifer favouring species. We couldn't locate a crest but, we did find a singing Coal Tit - number 100 for the day, woohooooo!! How lovely to finish the day in my local patch as well!


Warren Baker said...

Very satisfying Simon :-) How many species have you set for the park this year ?

Simon said...

95 is a more realistic total, but I'm going for the big 100 :-)!!!

Next Event - TBA