Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday 7th January

I had a 3 hour exam at Uni this morning, and by the time I had travelled back to Kent and home it was 3 O' clock this afternoon. But despite the rain, and darkening skies, what better way to relax and wind down than to walk around my local patch!

Not too much was seen during my visit, not only due to the time of day, but also because the rain we had earlier meant the water levels were extremely high. This had resulted in the 'old pond' being evacuated apart from the resident pair of Moorhen - do they ever move from that pond?!!! Whilst standing by the 'old pond' and cock Pheasant called and was seen flying to roost in an ivy covered Oak deep in the wood behind.

On Jenner's Bank a female Sparrowhawk caused the small birds to alarm call, a Green Woodpecker was heard, and a flock of 12 Chaffinch were observed gathering in the tops of the Oaks before flying off into the wood on the otherside of the stream. Just in case anybody visits the park at dusk at this time of year, make sure you keep an eye on the tops of the trees on Jenner's Bank for Hawfinch. Up until 5 years ago a small group could be seen gathering to roost in the park in this area - and this year looks a good winter for this spectacular species of finch.

Other birds of note was a Jay, a Goldcrest and a Nuthatch were heard calling, and the local Robins and a Mistle Thrush were heard singing.

It was too dark to see over the Lake, and the rain was getting heavier, so I began my wander home. (I begin Uni on Monday, so my visits to the park will once again be limited to any free weekends I get.)


Warren Baker said...

good luck with that Exam Simon, lets hope you can get some free weekends this year :-)

Simon said...

Thanks Warren, yes I hope so too, hopefully it'll get easier to fit a walk in when the days get slightly longer!

Greenie said...

Simon ,
I bet the 'Old Pond' was really living up to it's name after all that rain .
Best of luck with the exam result .

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