Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday 19th September

It was very warm and humid this morning making conditions a little uncomfortable. The Sun began to appear just as I was leaving.

Sunlight through Brambles

8 Goldcrests were noted, a Stock Dove called from the Yew wood east of Mote House, the only warbler found today was a Chiff Chaff which was heard calling from the hedge running along the Lake’s eastern edge, 2 Jay were seen, 2 Great Spotted Woodpeckers were heard, a Green Woodpecker was heard on the Golf Course, 4 Swallows passed over the Lake flying west, 5 Nuthatch could be heard calling around the Park, a Treecreeper was heard along the Len Valley, and a Bullfinch called from the Quince tree on the edge of the marsh area.

2 Kingfishers chased each other up the Len as I stood on the footbridge and 1 was seen by the marsh area, 2 Grey Herons were perched around on the Lake edge, and 4 Cormorants were perched n the island close to the Weir. On the Lake were at least 8 Great Crested Grebes, 5 Mute Swans, 23 Canada Geese, 1 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 4 Common Gulls, and at least 18 Black-headed Gulls were noted. As we move through September I always try to spend a bit more time around the Lake for the reason that the wildfowl noticeably increase and there is always a chance of a local rarity. This morning my luck was in as a flock of 9 Shoveler were located on the eastern stretch of the Lake as I stood on the Weir. Just a few minutes after locating them they decided to fly off heading north.


A few Large White butterflies were seen and a Brown Hawker was spotted.


Warren Baker said...

Nice one with the Shovelers Simon. They are a real rareity on my patch.

So you've got all the kingfishers!!

Greenie said...

Simon ,
I know someone who would give anything for just one of those Shoveler .
Still doing well with Kingfishers I see .

Next Event - TBA