Friday, July 24, 2009

Tuesday 21st & Friday 24th July

After recieving a report that a pair of Little Owls had fledged at least 1 chick in the southern part of the park I spent most of my Tuesday visit in that area monitoring how they are. I spent 2 hours observing 1 adult and 1 chick, but unfortunately they wouldn't allow any photos.

On Friday I enjoyed a sunny afternoon stroll in the park, covering the eastern and southern areas. It is wonderful to see so many butterflies on the wing at the moment.

Painted Lady

Painted Ladies and Peacocks are particularly numerous in the Park, but almost as numerous are the Gatekeepers, Ringlets, Meadow Browns, and the whites. The patches of thistles in the Old Cattle Area (large area of rough grassland) are absolutely alive with drinking butterflies, and it was nice to catch up with a Small Copper along the track near the Oak at the top of this area. A Common Blue was seen in the grassland north of the Len.

Small Copper

Many family parties of Green Woodpeckers were seen feeding out in the open on the areas of short grass, a Little Owl was seen in an Oak by the Oak wood, a Grey Wagtail and a Kingfisher were seen along the River Len, and a Sparrowhawk was seen soaring over the Old Bothy.

Little Owl

As I walked east of the Georgian Steps, adjacent to the woodland at the top of the grassland north of the Len, a bird called from one of the tall Ash trees. I am 95% certain it was a Hawfinch but I just could not locate it. As a few species can sound quite similar to Hawfinch I am not counting it because I cannot be 100% certain. I have recorded Hawfinch several times this spring elsewhere in the county and this particular bird sounded identical to those. I therefore urge anybody visiting the park to pay extra special attention to this area. Previous to 2005, Hawfinch used to roost in the Park regularly each winter.


Warren Baker said...

It is a good year for butterlfies Simon your right there.

Hawfinch! Now that would be something, get out tomorrow!!

Adam said...

Great butterfly shots Simon....Hawfinch, that now that sounds tempting. Maybe I'll dab some of my hawfinch 'pheromone' on before I take the kids to tyhe park on Sunday!


Greenie said...

Simon ,
Hope you manage to get a sighting of the Hawfinch .
Great butterfly shots .

Steve said...

Didn't see the Owl chicks but at least I saw the Owl. Hawfinch wold be good if it was there, have to watch out for it. Great photos as always.

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