Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday 29th May

Tonight's bat walk proved a great success with just under 30 people attending. It was brilliant to see both young and old really enthused by the occasion. A total of 5 species of bat were seen out of a possible 6 or 7.

The first bat to make an appearance was a Soprano Pipistrelle, which was flying low under the canopy of the trees by the Waterfall. We then made our way to the parkland around Mote House, where almost straight away 3 'beat-boxing bats' were picked up and gave great views to the group. The name 'beat-boxing bat' was given to the Noctule bats by the kids in the group because of the Noctule's 'chip-chop' call resembling the vocals of a beat-boxer.

The Weir and Causeway was the next stop for the group, and it was here where 3 Serotine bats were picked up amongst the many Common and Soprano Pipistrelles.

We then moved around the scrub, picking up more pipistrelles, and made our way towards the 'duck feeding area' of the Lake. Here we found 4 species all in the same area with 12+ Daubenton's out on the Lake with many Common and Soprano Pips, and a single Serotine was hunting insects around the Alders in the area of Wetland behind us.

A fantastic evening!!

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