Saturday, February 07, 2009

Saturday 7th February

It was very cold this morning in Mote Park, with only a few spells of sunshine breaking through a cloudy sky. An early start had been organised with a friend to try and photograph the Kingfishers along the Len. Although 3 were seen, none of them gave good opportunities for a sharp picture.

5 Great Spotted Woodpeckers were noted, 6 Fieldfare were seen flying south, a flock of 18 Redwing were feeding in the area in front of Mote House, a flock of at least 35 Siskin were seen in the Alders along the River Len, 5 Nuthatch were noted – with 2 giving super views in the Alder Carr along the Len, 2 Goldcrests were noted, 3 Treecreeper were seen – with 2 showing really well by the Pond, 2 Kestrels were seen, and 3 Sparrowhawks were seen chasing, and calling to each other, in the wood by the flat bridge.


A Grey Wagtail was feeding at the Pond, 3 Little Grebes were noted along the Len, 3 Kingfishers were seen along the Len, 2 drake Teal was located between the 2 bridges along the Len, 2 Grey Herons were seen, and 2 Water Rail were heard calling by the Alder Carr.

At the feeding area on the Lake were 19 Canada Geese, 2 Mute Swans, and the various Mallards and hybrid ducks. On the main area of the Lake were 4 Tuftie and 9 Pochards, and at the eastern stretch of the Lake were 2 Great Crested Grebes, and 3 Cormorants were perched on the island next to the Weir. The gull flock on the Lake produced at least 56 Black-headed Gulls and 13 Common Gulls.

(just swallowing a worm)

Also noted was a Weasel that showed brilliantly along the unnamed stream on the edge of the wet woodland at the bottom of Jenner’s Bank.

(my attempted shot)


Warren Baker said...

Thats a real fun shot of the weasel Simon. They are real fun characters!

Steve said...

I think that is a great Weasel shot - full of action, great stuff!

Steve said...

Well done, you got the Weasel, I just got a blur! Good 'Creeper as well.

Ken said...

Hi Simon.
I too like the Weasel shot. As you put it "Your Attempt" is pretty good to me. It's a good acion shot.Well done. Nice selection of birds too.

Mike said...

Great shots especially like the Goldcrest taken last week. Can you let me now what equipment you are using.?

Simon said...

Hi Mike, I use a Canon 40D DSLR with a Canon 100-400mm lens.

Thanks for the comments guys!

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