Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday 9th August

It was a lovely sunny morning during my walk today.

Volucella zonaria

3 Coal Tits and 2 Goldcrest were calling and singing from the Yews along Laurel Walk until the area fell silent under the shadow of a male Sparrowhawk, 6 Treecreeper were noted, 2 Chiff Chaff could be heard singing in the eastern area of the park, 2 Green Woodpecker were heard, a Great Spotted Woodpecker called from an Oak next to the Weir, 1 Swallow and 2 House Martins showed their expert aerial abilities as they hunted insects around the group of Oaks in the middle of the rough grassland, 2 Linnet flew up from the large clump of brambles in the rough grassland as I passed through, and a large gathering of Goldfinch and Greenfinch were gathered in the area of Hawthorn scrub adjacent to the Lake’s Inlet.

On the Lake were 3 Great Crested Grebes, 2 Mute Swans, 27 Canada Geese, and the countless Mallards, Moorhens, and Coots. There were 9 Black-headed Gulls and 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls frequenting the Lake, a Grey Heron perched on the low branch of a willow by the mouth of the River Len, and 2 Cormorants flew down onto the Lake as I crossed the Weir.

Butterflies were active with Small and Essex Skipper, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Small White, Green-veined White, Comma, Speckled Wood, and Holly Blue being seen. Both Southern and Migrant Hawkers were seen in very good numbers, and 3 male Banded Demoiselles ‘danced’ over a clump of reeds by the bridge nearest to the Downswood entrance.


Migrant Hawker


Greenie said...

Simon ,
Great male Migrant Hawker shot .
Interestingly , of the three species of Dragon/damselflies seen , the Banded Demoiselle is just finishing , the Southern Hawker is in the middle of it's time and the Migrant Hawker is at it's start .
Hope you missed the rain .

Adam said...

Hi Simon

Thanks for the update on what you saw at Teston on my Barming Blog. I've rather neglected the river this year...I'm not sure why. Great to hear about the Hairstreak and Emerald, both of which would be new species for me on this patch. I wondered if you could email me back ( with details of where you saw the Emerald (on the pools at Teston? I know they like still, brackish water) and the Spotted Flys.



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