Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday 26th July

It was another very warm and humid morning today during my walk. Several species of birds have started flocking together now, with the finches and tits the most noticable.

3 Coal Tits called and sang from the Yews along Laurel Walk, a Pied Wagtail gave a few alarm calls as a female Sparrowhawk sped expertly through the canopies of the trees at the top of Jenner’s Bank, whilst a juvenile Sparrowhawk called from the foliage of an Oak by the Old Walled Garden, a Stock Dove was heard in the Alder Carr along the River Len, 9 Goldcrests were watched fluttering amongst the Yews and Wellingtonias along Laurel Walk, a few charms of Goldfinch were seen, 4 Green Woodpeckers were seen, a Chiff Chaff was singing within the Willows at the western end of the River Len, several parties of Long-tailed Tits were noted, 10 Treecreepers were seen – all from various Oaks in the Park, a Nuthatch called from the Alder Carr, 4 Bullfinch were heard, 8 Herring Gulls were seen flying west, a Swallow called as it flew north, 2 Jay were heard, 2 Blackcap could be heard singing, 3 Whitethroats called whilst I walked through the area of rough grassland, a Swift few over the Long Valley, and a cock Pheasant called loudly from the group of Oaks in the centre of the area of rough grassland.

6 Great Crested Grebes, 3 Mute Swans, 71 Canada Geese, 1 Tufted Duck, and the countless Mallards, Moorhens, and Coots were seen on the Lake. There were roughly 14 Black-headed Gulls on the Lake, a Grey Heron stood on a buoy in the centre of the Lake, 2 Lesser Black-backed Gulls were on the Lake, and 3 Reed Warblers were heard singing all from the marsh area by the Weir.

Lots of butterflies were spotted, with 13 Speckled Woods, 1 Comma and 2 Holly Blues being seen along the hedges and tree lines, there were lots of Essex Skippers and several Small Skippers, 7 Meadow Brown, and 14 Gatekeepers were seen, and sveral Small and Large Whites were seen. 1 Common Blue Damselfly was seen on the Lake’s north-eastern edge, along the River Len were 6 Banded Demoiselles and 3 Common Darters were seen, and hunting insects in the area of rough grassland were 2 Black-tailed Skimmers.

Banded Demoiselle

Black-tailed Skimmer

Also seen was a Red-eared Terrapin basking on a submerged branch on the Lake's eastern edge.


Warren Baker said...

Jam packed morning simon.Enjoyed your post today. Keep a lookout for migrants, they are on the move now.

Greenie said...

Simon ,
Enjoyable read .
That BTS has just about reached its sell by date .

Steve said...

nice post Simon - lots of Treecreepers in the park isnt there

Simon said...

Yes, there are lots of Treecreepers in the Park. I noticed almost half of them were youngsters. The aprk is a very good place to see Treecreepers.

Anna Simpson said...

Fantastic photographs! The photograph of the Banded Demoiselle is great. Keep up the fantastic work, I will be back to visit your blog again for sure. Very well done.

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