Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday 30th June

After a very busy week, today I was finally able to get back into Mote Park. It felt very hot, especially in the areas of rough grassland and meadow where most of todays butterflies were seen.

4 Blackcap, 3 Chiff Chaff, and 5 Whitethroat were singing, a Great Spotted Woodpecker called whilst I walked along Laurel Walk, a Coal Tit sang from a Larch on the Parks eastern boundary, a Goldcrest called as it searched for insects in a Yew along Laurel Walk, a Herring Gulls called as it flew north over Jenner's Bank, 2 Pheasants called from the large area of rough grassland, a Jay was seen by the Walled Garden, a Nuthatch was noted as it flew across my path and into a Sweet Chestnut on Jenner's Bank, a Treecreeper was along the track by the Weir, and a Spotted Flycatcher was heard singing from a Lime in front of Mote House.

On the Lake were 56 Canada Geese, there were 2 Great Crested Grebes, the resident pair of Mute Swan, and the countless Mallards, Moorhens, and Coots. There were 14 Black-headed Gulls, and 3 Reed Warblers were heard singing around the perimeter of the Lake.

3 Comma, 1 Red Admiral, 2 Speckled Wood, 8 Meadow Browns, 4 Small Skippers, 3 Large Skippers, and 1 Ringlet were seen. Lots of Common Blue Damselflies were noted, 1 female Banded Demoiselle was seen, an Emperor Dragonfly flew past, and a Brown Hawker flew up from a patch of Brambles.

- BLOG UPDATE - I have added 2 newly found blogs to my links section. The first is Greenie in the Wild, and the second is a blog from a regular patchworker in London's Regents Park.


Adam said...

Hi Simon

Got 2 fantastic sum plum Med Gulls on the main lake yesterday afternoon, in with the Black-headed Gulls and ducks that were taking bread by the Model Boat compound. I spoke to some chap who had a pair of bins and he reckoned they seemed to be favouring Sundays and had been around off and on for 4 weeks. Shame I didn't have my camera!


Simon said...

Cheers for that Adam! I work Sundays, since last September, so I am unable to get out - its a shame, cos Sundays used to produce the best birds!!!

Warren Baker said...

Great list of butterlies Simon, and you got hawkers too, havn't had any here yet.

Steve said...

Nice post Simon - that Regents Park Blog is good too. Thanks!

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