Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday 13th June

I was in the Park mid-morning today. With little Sun and a strong westerly wind blowing conditions for butterflies were not very good, and my chances of catching up with the problem Common Blue butterfly were very low. The photo of the very cute young rabbit was taken along Laurel Walk, where I was able to get so close I didn't even need the zoom on my camera.

Birds were surprisingly active bearing in mind the time of the morning. 3 Coal Tits were heard along Laurel Walk - with 2 singing and1 calling, 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker were seen, 4 Goldcrests were heard singing, 4 Blackcap, 5 Chiff Chaff, and 12 Whitethroat were singing, 2 Treecreeper were heard, 2 Green Woodpecker called, and whilst walking through the rough grassland 4 House Martin flew back and forth low over the grass catching the small insects that flew up from my path.

On the Lake 3 Great Crested Grebes were present, the local pair of Mute Swans were joined by another cob, 58 Canada Geese were around the feeding area, and the resident Mallards, Coots and Moorhens were also on the Lake. 4 Black-headed Gulls were seen catching small fish, and 5 Reed Warblers were heard singing around the a edges of the Lake.

A Speckled Wood and a Red Admiral were seen on the top of Janner's Bank, 12 Banded Demoiselles were found, 1 Blue-tailed Damselfly was seen, and lots of Common Demoiselles were noted around the edges of the Lake.

Male Blue-tailed Damselfly

Female Common Blue Damselfly

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