Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thursday 27th December

After being so busy this past week it was nice to have the time to get back over Mote Park today. I managed an hour this afternoon, so I could only manage a circuit of the Lake.

In recent years the last week in December has provided some good sightings for the Park, so I hoped something unusual may be visiting the Lake today, but I had no such luck. However, it was nice to see the duck numbers continuing to rise. The raft of Tuftie are now numbering 19 birds, and the Pochards are now up to 36. There was also a pair of Teal on the Lake, with the male calling quite regularly, a Little Grebe was diving on the golf course side of the Lake, some Siskin were heard as they flew from one Lake edge to another, or to the wet woodland along the River Len, and as I wandered home I was treated to a pair of Sparrowhawk displaying over Jenner's Bank.


Steve said...

I think i have asked you this before simon so apologies - what is the best time of year at Mote Park for Med Gull?

Simon said...

Late Winter and early Spring are the best times.

This year started with 4 in January, the total then reached 11 in February, and then in March numbers peaked at 25 birds.

Steve said...

Thanks Simon....That'll be when I start taking my little ones to Mote Park then!

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